Monday, 14 September 2015

Changes at MakieLab

Things are changing at the Makielab and they are replacing the 3D printed body to an injection molded one to bring costs down to make these dolls more affordable to the younger market.  This means that whilst the heads will remain 3D printed the bodies will not.  Whilst I understand the reasoning behind this, I still think this is sad as the fact they were all completely 3D printed was what appealed to me and many other adult collectors.  It seems a shame it isn't possible to keep two options available...the cheaper IM body and the slightly more pricier 3D printed body.   

Because of this change it means that the white frost colour option is no longer available.   I decided to go for it and order two in this option as I didn't want to get further down the line and wish I had! They are yet to arrive, but here are their computer generated design pictures.

I decided to really max out the features on the boy as a complete change.  He probably won't keep this wig...but will wait and see.  Not sure what I think!

I also maxed out some of the features on the girl - so she should look quite different from any of my others.  Whether they will remain 'pure white' or whether I will dye them remains to be seen.

It will be interesting to see what they look like 'in real life'.

These changes have caused a considerable amount of what perhaps could be called 'panic buying' amongst the Makie enthusiasts and I think quite a fair few people have been ordering over the last couple of weeks when these changes were first announced.

I had a boy arrive the other day as I ordered some I had already designed in my account....before I decided on the white ones as I wasn't originally intending on ordering any white, but then thought it might be fun to dye them at some stage.

This boy has been called Peter Sinister - who can't help his surname, so prefers to be called Peter S for short.

He arrived without his clothes a girls outfit was sent instead as requested.

I made him a pair of leather pants/trousers and he borrowed a sweater from Nelson, but he was not happy with this get up at all  - seems he knows his mind!  I said if he wasn't careful he would end up in spandau and skimpy tank top - like the heavy rock band Kiss wore!

In the end he deferred to a shiny brown pair of trousers.

These seemed to meet with an nod of acceptance.

A white shirt completed it.

He said this was acceptable for the meantime...

Seems he is quite strong minded and very hard to please - but then I shouldn't have been surprised!

I've got urm... uh huh, cough, cough...a few more to went slightly awol in the lab and a search party has been sent out to locate him!

In the meantime I will be kept busy making gear for them all!


  1. Wow, you have been busy 'Makie-ing'!
    I did get an email saying the Makies would become cheaper but it did not explain why or when. All a bit vague so I sort of forgot about it. I have no idea what an 'injection molded' body is supposed to look like so I really can't envision the impact of the change.
    But, yesterday evening and this evening I tried to make a friend for Jennifer but I just can't get through. The 'Makie Maker' keeps loading and loading...but nothing happens. I guess I now know why. Everybody is trying to order a real Makie while they still can. Too bad for poor Jennifer.
    I think a cheaper option might be appealing to younger buyers but I do think it would be much smarter of them to continue offering the more expensive body.
    Mr Sinister looks very interesting by the way and so do your other Makies-to-be. ;)

    1. I certainly have! I went a little mad, but hey ho, sometimes these things 'just happen'. I am glad I did though as I am not convinced by the new bodies.

      Sorry you didn't manage to make a friend for Jennifer :-(

      Peter certainly a very interesting character for sure.

  2. I agree with you, it's a shame they changed the bodies.

    This guy........only you could make him appealing but he looks almost normal in his shirt and pants. Yeah, I bet he has a personality and attitude!

    (I am still catching up with both you and Vicki. You've got a knack for these Makies Lorraine.)

    1. I have now seen one of the new bodies....I guess they are 'okay' but I don't like them and am glad I ordered mine while I could. These last two white ones hopefully will arrive on Monday - it seems they were delayed somewhat!

      Yes this guy is a little different! ;-) As I think will be the white ones - I have the option with them of keeping them white or dying them...not sure what I will do with them yet, will wait to see what they look like when they arrive.

      Thanks Judy! :-)


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