Monday, 28 September 2015

Vanessa Van Gogh

It has been a very difficult summer, not just weather wise, which has just been plain disappointing, but with other things as well, so quite a bit of 'dolly therapy' has been going on over the last few weeks.

Whilst I have been good and rehomed  about 30 dolls and probably about 10 miscellaneous toys over the last couple of months a few newbies have arrived as well!  My Makies being the predominant ones, with the final two still to arrive.  

I had the opportunity of rescuing a Schoenhut 'waif' who needed a new home.

She arrived late  last week - not sure if it is her original wig, but it shows what she is missing...yes you may have spotted it...

Her right ear!  Goodness knows what happened - perhaps some naughty sibling of her child owner at some stage in her past.

The dress is sweet though and she wanted to keep her dress.

I hunted through my wig box and found one that fitted her, and she already looks much happier.

She is also missing her right thumb.  I am hoping to try and repair these at some point.

This girl is a different size again.  I thought she was going to be the same size as Anne-Marie but she is actually inbetween her size and Peggy Sue's and even better she fits Sasha shoes!  This is an added bonus as I was able to find her a pair of shoes and socks that fitted and also suited her dress. 

Her name is Vanessa.

She couldn't wait to go out into the garden with Peggy Sue

I think they were supposed to be picking up leaves...

But they weren't really dressed for it.  They have collected a nice array of colours though.

Peggy Sue picks up her favourite to show her.

They enjoy their time out in the garden getting to know one another and seem to be firm friends already.

Pretty girl!


  1. Nobody's perfect.
    She just needs someone to love her and some new friends.
    Who cares about an ear and a thumb, she's cute anyway.

    1. Exactly, and I am a sucker for the waifs and strays.... She seems to be much happier with new friends.

  2. She's beautiful, even with her flaws :-). Peggy Sue and Vanessa look lovely together in the garden!

  3. Vanessa's new wig suits her perfectly. I hope you can find some close grained wood for her repairs in due course, if you haven't got something suitable you know of a workshop where you can come and do the repairs and probably find her a new thumb and ear (plenty of carving chisels here).

  4. I always love seeing "new" Schoenhut dolls, and she's no exception - I think her flaws just add to her charm!

  5. She is just lovely, congrats on this great find!


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