Sunday, 27 September 2015

Wandering with Wren - North Mymms

Wren's wanderings took her walking through countryside and some woods on this bright Autumn Sunday afternoon.

She spied some cattle in the field...which she later discovered she was supposed to come through, but decided to give that a miss...she wasn't prepared for a close encounter!

There was some lovely countryside to admire....

...from comfortable seat in a tree.

There were quite a few trees that had died and were damaged

Wren wondered if it was lightening damage and decided it was perhaps not the best place to wander during a thunder storm!

Wren discovered dandelions still flowering

Berries were plentiful and she wondered whether these were edible?

Now these fungi don't look the edible sort, but they were interesting to look at.

There were plants flowering in the hedgerow.

She spied a farmhouse

A bee making his way into the convolvulus flower


Another pretty flower to stop and admire.

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  1. Hi Serenata,
    Beautiful photos! I love the cows..they look quite different from the ones that we have here on the farm. Such a pretty countryside Wren was able to go wondering in! :)
    xo Farrah


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