Monday, 7 September 2015

Meet Matilda, my Australian Girl Doll

I realised today that I have never introduced my Australian Girl Doll Matilda.

She is a very pretty girl - a little taller than the American Girl Dolls with bigger feet.

Her feet have a gap between her big toe and other toes so she can wear 'jandals/thongs/flipflops' depending on what you call them!

She is quite a pretty girl

This is her box.

Some of the other girls in the line.

Ooh dear, she was a little dishevelled when she first arrived!

Her 'jandals'flipflops/thongs' are on the side of the box.


  1. Snap, we know and love our Matilda - wonderful hair not to be brushed and a very happy manner.

  2. What a cute doll, and her hair is lovely! Great that she can wear flipflops, to combine with summer outfits!

  3. What great hair on this doll! And how fun to know that she has sandal-friendly feet! :)

  4. These Australian girls are very cute...I think I like them a bit more than the Canadian girls to be honest...yours is so lovely with her beautiful curls and bright eyes.


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