Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Wet Play Day

What to do when the weather is wet, dull and miserable?  Why play of course! Forget the house work, this was much more fun.

April was delighted to get back into her yoga gear!

Alicia chose a new outfit to wear.

Although comfortable enough in herself to be a little 'blue' in her dress sense, Blue is still rather shy.

She still seems a little unsure of herself and her surroundings.

The boys, Tom & Brian met up to do some skateboarding.

Penelope Bluebell went out to do a spot of shopping and saw Wren, Blue and Alicia chatting.

Parker walks home from College and meets up with the boys and Trisha

The Scooby Gang are discussing their next case.

April is still practising her yoga.

Peter S is wondering whether he can be bothered with a game of chess...not that he is likely to find anyone else to join him at this stage...

Nelson and Tane Mahuta are discussing the World Cup Rugby.


  1. Is that 14 Makies I can count in this post? What a growing collection and they all seem to be keeping very busy.

    1. Ha ha, I daren't count! Quite possibly....I am hopelessly addicted and wanted to get those I had designed before the body change.

    2. They should be paying you for helping with the marketing.

    3. Wouldn't that be great? Doesn't work that way unfortunately ;-)


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