Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How many called Alice?

It seems we have two girls with the name 'Alice' living here in Rose Cottage and so some confusing is starting to ensue....

First of all we have Alice 'Sasha' who was actually the first to arrive.  She has said in no uncertain terms that she is keeping her name!

The other of course is Alice Schoenhut.

Now because her hair is a lovely blonde colour, she thinks that perhaps it should be HER that is called 'Norma Jean' as she thinks she looks rather like Marilyn Monroe now,...with her blonde hair.

Does she look like a Norma Jean?

But of course Gladys Jean changed her name to Norma Jean only two days ago!

So what do you think?  Could she be a Maggie or a Martha?   Or something completely different.  I think Maggie might suit her..

Keep two girls with the name 'Alice' or change her name?  Change both the Schoenhut girls' names.

Oh the decisions that go on in this household...could make your mind boggle! ;-)

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  1. I love how Alice Sasha is glaring at the camera with determination saying 'my name is Alice, it will not change' - I don't think you can argue with that! So maybe Schoenhut Alice needs to add something to her name. I don't think she is Norma Jean or Marilyn Monroe, however she could be Mary Alice (with a nod to Marilyn) but then maybe you have another Mary! Good luck with the name deliberations.


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