Tuesday, 1 September 2015

So just what did the girls do yesterday?

So what to do on a wet day...you may recall yesterday the weather was terrible,  Alice and Anne-Marie stared out the patio windows disappointed that yet again they couldn't go out to play.

While Alice was staring out the window I noticed the state of her hair - not that I haven't noticed before, but I decided it was the perfect opportunity for a hair wash.

Her hair was a dirty blonde colour and quite 'stiff'.

Alice decided she was quite ready for a hair wash and so we set to work.

Imagine my astonishment when I discovered it was a real hair wig!  The water changed a murky colour, but the hair grew softer and lighter.     A little hair was lost during the combing through process, but fortunately not too much.

Alice can't quite believe how it feels now.

What a transformation!

It is a shame that she took a pair of scissors to her fringe/bangs at some stage - seems something a lot of little girls try!

The back - isn't it pretty?

It was the day for transformations it seems.

Gladys Jean decided she too wanted a makeover.

We hunted through the wig box and found a wig that fitted - it had lots of ringlets, which really didn't suit so the length was shortened and the ringlets washed out.

A new dress was made for her, of which she is especially proud of.

The dress has a lovely little detachable lace collar.

She thinks she might like a new name as well...which we are currently debating on.  She thinks she would quite like to be called Norma Jean.

So after these makeovers what did the girls get up to on a rainy day?

Why they played a game of dominoes.  Norma Jean is asking Anne-Marie how to play and Anne-Marie is explaining about matching up the numbers of dots on the dominoes.


  1. The wig looks much softer and lighter after you washed it, quite a difference, it looks great! Norma Jean also looks very sweet with her new wig and beautiful dress :-).

  2. What a difference a bit of hairwashing makes. Alice's hair is transformed. I see you have decided to keep Jean (now Norma Jean) and her new wig suits her well


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