Thursday, 24 September 2015

Thursday Doings.

The other day a little coat was up for sale on a group I am on - I missed out on it...but a few days later the person who bought it decided it didn't suit the Makie she bought it for so offered it to me, so I was pleased for this second chance offer.

Trish is the proud owner of this new coat  - although she said she needs a different dress to go underneath it.

They are certainly fussy creatures these Makies.

A little while later after rummaging around in the clothes box she found the leather skirt dress and deemed that more suitable for a girl of her standing.

She enjoys a walk outside in between showers.

Parker also grabbed the opportunity to dash outside today during a dry spell to exercise one of the dogs in his care at the veterinary hospital.

This little miniature Schnauzer Rufus is recovering well and enjoyed a walk outside with Parker

They didn't stay out too long as Parker didn't want Rufus to over do things.

Another little boy to spend a little time outdoors today was Little Thomas with a dear little friend he is looking after.

They seem quite enthralled with each other.


  1. Gorgeous coat! Those Makies seem to stand up and hold action poses so well! Little Thomas is so adorable. Lovely photos as always. :)

  2. What a treat of photos. Lovely coat for Trisha. Rufus is full of character and that monkey and boy trying to out stare each other is very entertaining.


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