Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A skirt, a handkerchief and a little raggedy

Remembering the pretty child's cord dress I had partially cut up to make something with, I wondered if I had enough to make Anne-Marie a skirt.  I certainly did.  I also made her a little pair of slip on shoes with a leather look child's skirt that I had bought from a charity shop a year or so ago, thinking it would 'come in handy one day'.

Does my hair look okay?

I could hear Annie sniffling this morning and remembering that my friend had made a little handkerchief for Rosey, I thought I would follow suit and make one for Anne-Marie.  I haven't embroidered her initial on as she needed it straight away.  I have been collecting vintage handkerchiefs for sometime now thinking I could use them to make little tops and dresses, but never thought about actually making a small handkerchief with one, so thank you for the great idea Elisa!

Last year I got given a little miniature Raggedy Ann pattern, so I thought I might make one for Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie looks at my attempt...

Has another look at a slightly different angle.  Yes I will make her some clothes Annie.

Finally she gives little Raggedy a cudddle.

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  1. How sweet! I love the little Raggedy, but I adore the little hanky! That is a great idea!


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