Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A little coat for Anne-Marie

Sorting through my knitting patterns I came across a vintage dolls dress & coat pattern by Emu.  It had two sizes, one for 11-12 inch dolls and the other for 18 - 20 inch dolls so I thought I would give it a go to see if it would knit up the right size for Anne-Marie.

It was knitted in eight parts, fronts, back, sleeves, bands and collar.  I think I would use thicker wool next time, although this is double knit, sometimes it feels 'less' than double knit.

Annie was eager to try it on

I think you need to put something on underneath it my dear.

That is better with a dress under it.  Quite a good fit, although I should have knitted the sleeves a bit longer, and I think if I had used a thicker ply, it would also have knitted up just that little bit bigger for a better fit.  You couldn't get anything bulky underneath this coat.

While sorting through the dolls clothes, Anne-Marie spotted a little dress she though might fit her pink rabbit.

She tried it on her, yeah it fits!

I think something has distracted Annie outside the window, I wonder if it is our resident robin?

It was!

Inspired by the wonderful expressive photos that my friend Elisa took of her Rosey the other day I thought I would have a go.  After all I did do a photography course a couple of years ago, I really should experiment a bit more!  So here we go, these are my attempts.

In black & white.

Old paper effect.

Old photo effect

Old paper effect.


Well enough playing for now, must go and get on and clean out the guinea pigs before it gets too dark!

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  1. Anne-Marie's new coat is darling! Nice job! And so fun that her bunny also found something to wear.

    Your photos are very expressive! I love the different effects you used to make the B&W ones too. Very vintage-looking. You simply can't take a "bad" photo of this little one. :o)


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