Monday, 15 October 2012

A little purse for Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie got a special little gift today on my return from London.  I managed to find her a little purse, just the right size for her.  

Here she is having just been given it.

She shows her friends, Florence (Pink Rabbit), Amelia (her little wooden doll) and Gracie the little bear.

Gracie is most impressed and asks her what she will save up for

I really don't know yet, she tells Gracie, do you have any suggestions?

Gracie gets very animated telling Anne-Marie about all her ideas...

In fact she gets so excited she has to sit back down.  Florence agrees that they are all thoughtful ideas, but they need to just think about what is best.  Amelia just looks on silently...

I think I will put it somewhere safe as it is rather a cute little purse. 

Shall we go and play now?  Yes please! they all cheer.

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  1. Very cute photo story! The little purse is perfect for her! And I love the pink foot stool!

    I meant to ask if the little bear is a Hermann? It's adorable! Anne-Marie already has several nice toys.

    I am liking her new dress more and more. :o)


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