Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Now there are two

As much as love all my dolls I have been doing really well on the downsizing and have made a reasonably size chunk in my debt.  To date I have sold 44 dolls (45 items in total) so I've been doing really well.  I have succumbed a couple of times to some very cheap bargains, which I know I shouldn't have, but again they have been times of more pain that usual, so I must beware not to go on the computer then.  These have been things on my 'wish list' though, so nothing not planned for.

I think what I really need to do is a doll inventory though, and really work out which of the remaining ones are here for what purpose, display, play, enjoyment, historical reasons, or 'just because' and give those reasons a good thinking over so that I get to a place I really want to be.

I don't really have many baby dolls, not having been especially fussed about them.  I have one Galoob Baby Face 'So Surprised Suzie' who came here earlier in the year.  Although not strictly a baby, more a toddler I love her cheeky happy face and had always planned on getting a friend/sister/twin for her at some stage so when the opportunity arose last week and I saw one for a good price, well I found it hard to resist, and failed.  Anyway she arrived this morning.  She wasn't in quite as good condition as Suzie but is still lovely and with a good flannel bath she has cleaned up nicely.  I may also wash her hair at some stage, but at the moment it is fine.  So without further ado meet 'So Sweet Sandi'  Certainly Suzie seems thrilled to have a sister.

They are both wearing 'borrowed' Sasha dresses as I have been having an ongoing saga with making clothing for Suzie, but now I have the bodice size, hopefully I will be more successful in my next attempt.  The dresses are of course too long, but Suzie and Sandi thought they were fun to wear.  I was also delighted to see that they fit American Girl shoes.  I do like things that fit multiple dolls, always handy, especially with shoes!

I love their bright blue eyes.

Now these two dolls won't be companion dolls as such, but I will have fun playing with and dressing them every now and again, especially when I need some brightness and fun.

So as such I will start my doll inventory with these two.

So Surprised Suzie - Galoob Baby Face - No. 2
So Sweet Sandi - Galoob Baby Face - No. 1

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  1. Congrats on getting Sandy! She makes a great sister for Suzie.

    Taking stock of your collection is a great way to decide which ones you need and really want to keep. I do that at least twice a year, especially if I have been buying a lot. I am reaching a point in my life where I really need and want less. I love dolls, but I don't feel the need to own so many in the limited space we have.

    You are doing great with your sales and I commend you for it! Sandy is a little reward for your hard work.
    Since she was a bargain, I hope you will not feel guilty about getting her. The Baby Face dolls always make me smile. :o)

    Keep up the good work!


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