Friday, 12 October 2012

A new dress & a new friend for Anne-Marie

I have had a lovely afternoon sewing for Annie.  Using an old skirt of mine I have made her a 'Sasha Studio Style dress.

I am really pleased with how it came out, as I believe Annie is as well.

I added lace round the colour and little buttons for the front.

As it was a nice afternoon, Annie was allowed to play outside for a while.  Imagine her delight when she found a little friend.

Hello little fellow, where did you come from?

You've been living in the bushes?  Really?

You don't look like you have been living outside...

I think you might be telling me porky pies?

No I don't mean pork pies, I actually mean little white lies, telling stories, oh never mind.  Are you hungry?

Come on then I will take you inside to meet Florence my pink rabbit.


  1. Oh, I love her new dress! Great job! And you know I adore bears! And this one looks like it's made of mohair.

    I have one saved for my new girl too,as well as a tiny Raggedy Ann, if she ever decides to come home. Watching the post-lady drive by without stopping today was such disappointment! BooHoo!

    Surely she will arrive tomorrow? How many times have I said that? :o(

  2. Me again! LOL! I was just wondering how Anne-Marie compares to Sasha dolls. If you have time, I'd love to see some comparison photos of them together. Please? :o)


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