Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Identifcation needed

Oh dear what do we have here?  I really have no idea about restoring dolls, so why do I have a doll in bits?

I wonder what I can do with her?  

After carefully removing her wig, which is pretty horrible, and armed with crochet hook I managed to re-attach the hook inside her head.

Her head is marked Germany, 390 A2/0M

I have no idea if her body is original or not.  The bottom part of her legs, looks quite different to the top part which is definitely made of wood, the same with the arms.  The body is composite?  A papier mache type thing.

The inside of her arm socket showing what the body is made of.  She appears poorly painted, again the body seems to be slightly different to the bottom part of the limbs.

Does anyone recognise this doll and know whether her body is original to her or not?

I managed to find a little dress my Mum made for one of my dolls many years ago that fits her, so at least her modesty is now protected until I can make something for her.

She has blue eyes and rather a sweet face, but oh dear that hair, where to find a wig!

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  1. She is very sweet! I don't know if she is all original or not, but I do know that some dolls are made with different materials.
    The AM may stand for Armand Merseilles? I really don't know. Have you looked on ebay to see if you find any like her? The way her eyelashes are painted is unusual. I do think she is rather special.


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