Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sewing, Knitting and a New Room.

Over the weekend I tried to make a dress for my Galoob Baby Face doll.  First dress didn't fit her... neither did the second, even though I went and measured her etc...not sure quite what went wrong there.  I was trying to think of a doll that the dress might fit and saw Katie Copykat sitting in the basket waiting for a new home so thought I would try the dress on her.  Success, it fits, and doesn't look too bad on her either, so I suppose that is something.

I think when I added on the hem, that was when it started getting too big, but it suits the dress I think.

Must remember to iron the dress before taking photos!  I think me throwing it down in disgust after trying it on Baby Face Sally was when it got creased.

Hamish had his jumper finished for him yesterday, this time he actually DOES get to keep this one, so he is a happy boy.

Yes Hamish, you can definitely keep this one.  I know that's what I originally said about the green sweater, but I was wrong.  However this one IS yours.


Next up, I have been thinking about a use for this bread bin that has been lurking in a local CS for weeks.  At first I thought I could use it for Hitty but it wasn't big enough.  Then I thought about my three childhood Pippa dolls, and it still it isn't big enough.  Finally I remembered....

Suzie, my little Dolly Darling!  So I took her out with me today to the CS to see if the wooden bread bin was still there.  It was, and is the perfect size!

This will be the perfect size to make her a little school room.

She inspects it, thinking a bedroom would be nicer than a school room...

Well, we have a chair!  But nothing else so far.  So this is another project to add to my ever growing list.

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  1. What a shame the dress didn't fit your Babay Face, but it is adorable on Katie!

    Hamish looks so handsome in his new jumper/sweater. I'm glad he gets t keep this one. The color is perfect for him.

    And what a great idea for the bread box! It looks perfect for Pippa! This will be a fun project!

    Sally has a new blog. I hope you will pop over and visit her her. Here's the link:




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