Friday, 18 July 2014

A new dress for Peggy Sue

I haven't done any sewing for a month now, and have been a bit stuck for ideas.  I want to make some more 'authentic' style clothing for my Schoenhuts but don't have the patterns and will need to adapt those I have to see if I can come up for something.  

The old thinking cap wasn't working especially well today, so I tried the one pattern I did have that was supposed to be for Schoenhut dolls.  I used some fabric I had plenty of.  Not convinced by it at all, but Peggy Sue was pretty gracious about the dress and didn't mind wearing it.

I think the sleeves were a bit too wide and the lace around the neckline not really large enough, but it was all I had on hand.  Things to note if I choose to make this pattern again.

Here she is walking in the garden.  I have done two sets of photos, one in colour and one in sepia for each shot.

Waving hello

Swinging on her swing chair.


  1. Very lovely dress. It looks quite period-authentic in the sepia photos. I really like that old-fashioned swing - it suits PS perfectly!

    1. Thanks Lauri, I think the pattern just needs a bit of 'tweaking' :-) The swing is great! I used to bring it inside each day and now just leave it out there, so it has more of a 'weathered' look to it now...

  2. Do you have the Dolls Dressmaker by Venus Dodge? It is filled with patterns which would suit the Schoenhut dolls. I've got a copy, you're welcome to look through it when you visit us. Bring Peggy Sue, she will be very welcome.


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