Sunday, 13 July 2014

Peggy Sue & Anne-Marie

Peggy Sue is out in the garden taking Little Owen and friends for a walk in the pram.

Anne-Marie comes along and says hello.

The two chat for a while

Anne-Marie hasn't spent a lot of time with her little sister lately

They talk about the teddies in the pram

Peggy Sue looks up at Anne-Marie...not sure what she is asking...

Looks like Anne-Marie is replying to her anyway.

I would have loved to have known what they were talking about.

A little while later Peggy Sue seems to be continuing alone, although I think something has caught her attention up in the trees.

She looks up, I wonder if she can see the cheeky squirrel.

Some time later she is seen sitting near the pond with Little Owen.

I think they were seeing if they could see any tadpoles and frogs...

What's that you spy Peggy Sue?

A frog with a tail!  Looks like it is still to lose its tadpole tail.

Peggy Sue makes her way back.

The bears want some afternoon tea.

A contemplative shot of Anne-Marie


  1. Hi Lorraine. Anne-Marie is lovely. It is wonderful to see her in your garden spending time with Peggy Sue. Her dress is gorgeous. Did you make it? I love children's clothes from that time period. I am so glad you are home and blogging again. You brighten up my world. =)

    1. Yes I did make Anne-Marie's dress....I try and keep the clothing I make for my Schoenhut's (apart from Peggy Sue) in keeping with their time period, or thereabouts anyway.

      So glad you have enjoyed this post.

    2. Anne-Marie is such a darling. She seems to have been hibernating recently, so glad she and Peggy Sue met up for a chat. Her dress is gorgeous.


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