Friday, 25 July 2014

Some more sewing....

Well yesterday's lovely weather has disappeared...should have known it wouldn't last long before the rain came down again.

This is the dress I made yesterday for Peggy Sue that she was wearing in the photograph where she was sitting and dreaming.

I also added the little sun hat, as when the sun is hot, you need protection!  Plus it is the perfect pretty accessory.

Today with it being thundery and wet I thought I would make another dress.

This dress has a real 'nautical' link as it was made from my older son's white naval shirt. He is a navigational officer. I am trying to use only fabrics and notions and other things that I have as I can't really be buying any special fabric at the moment. Unfortunately the navy wasn't quite the same on the collar and on the cuffs, but hey it will do, Peggy Sue is pretty good and rarely complains. A pattern I made up as I went along.

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