Sunday, 27 July 2014

Now what shall I wear today?

Peggy Sue had a surprise when she went to her clothes trunk today...

A new dress!  She gasps.

A pretty blue, isn't it just lovely?  Oh wait before I take it down I better take my current dress off.  She says to herself.

She takes off her dress....

....and puts on her new dress.

Do I look pretty in this?  She asks

Of course you do Peggy Sue.

Don't I have such lovely clothes?  She looks up at her Sailor Dress.

Striking a pose...

Out in the garden Peggy Sue admires the flowers.

Smells the roses...

Hmm....and stands in the pot!  


  1. Oh, Peggy Sue! You have such a lovely trunk and so many gorgeouse clothes. You are such a lucky girl!

    1. Fabulous trunk and perfect for her. My ebay bargain! Shame it wasn't wrapped properly when it was sent as some things inside it broke and it ended up with dents and scratches on the outside. It was only wrapped in one layer of bubble wrap and absolutely nothing else - so of course was ripped and scratched. The stuff inside was just loose so a couple of little plates that were included were smashed.

  2. What a shame. But with the odd scratch and dent, Peggy Sue can make believe that it has gone round the world with her on a super-expensive cruise.... with her big brother, perhaps?
    Jenni x


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