Monday, 21 July 2014

Fashion & Afternoon Tea

As Betsy was such a good girl modelling the other dresses, I thought I really ought to make one especially for her.

It is difficult to see in the photograph, but the fabric has tiny green polka dots on it.

She is especially proud to have her very own dress.

She thinks she now looks like a little princess.

I think she does as well.

Close up detail of the dress.

Later in aid of the new dresses it was decided to have a tea party.

All the girls gather for tea and cakes.

Little Betsy feels a bit small alongside the others... so Anne-Marie asks Betsy if she wants to sit on her lap.

Betsy does and is much happier.

The girls chat away about this and that.

Betsy tells Anne-Marie about the dresses she modelled today.

Catherine and Edith, talk about what they are going to do during the week.

Some serious discussion going on here!

Much fun is had.

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  1. What a wonderful event! I'm so glad little Betsy has her very own, pretty dress to wear to it. The cakes look delicious too.
    Jenni xx


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