Monday, 28 July 2014

The Magic Trunk

Oh my word this must be a magic trunk, there is another new dress hanging up in it today!  Peggy Sue says to herself as she looks inside.

She takes off her blue dress and reaches up to get down the new dress.

She puts it on.

I must hang my pretty dress back up.  She says as she hangs it back up.

There...all hanging up nicely.  

Oh look a sun hat to match.

Peggy Sue puts the sun hat on.

Ta da!  My new dress and sun hat!

Down by the pond

Sitting and waiting.


    Where can I buy a magic trunk? I need new clothes to appear by magic, too.
    think I like this latest dress best of all. The fabric is very pretty and it looks cool for hot summer days.

    1. I could do with one as well Jenni! I love the fabric that I made this dress from. Wish I had more of it! I originally bought it thinking dresses for Hitty, but then I thought it would make a lovely dress for Peggy Sue.

  2. I wish I could have that magic trunk, or make doll clothes as quickly as you do!

  3. glad to see she is keeping her new clothes tidy by carefully hanging them up again. Do you have enough scraps of that fabric left over to make a Hitty dress as well, or is there not enough mileage in the leftovers?


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