Sunday, 20 July 2014

Two new dresses

A little more sewing...

This is a dress I have made as a gift for a friend's Schoenhut. 
 Hoping it fits!  I think her Schoenhut is the same size as Betsy here.

I couldn't resist making another....

This one is a slightly larger fit so I know it WILL fit :-)

Poor Betsy, has never had a new dress so now I had better make her one for real and not one for just modelling!

Next up I had some silk that I wanted to use to make Peggy Sue a dress.

I am quite pleased with it

Peggy Sue seems delighted.

She wants to know if she can wear it to the tea party today...

Only if you don't spill anything on it Peggy Sue.

Some close ups

Wonderful silk with lace over skirt

Three little buttons on the back.

She just needs a silk pair of shoes now!


  1. Both Betsy and Peggy Sue look wonderful in this style of dress. Two little Edwardian misses - they should be on Downton Abbey!
    Does poor Betsy have to hand over both the dresses she is modelling, or can she keep one? How tall is she? She's a swet little lady.
    As for Peggy-Sue, well, who is getting married? She looks all ready to be a little bridesmaid in her special silk dress. My mother suggests a wide, pale blue or pink sash round the dropped waist with a matching hair bow. Though she was born in 1921, Grandma favoured the dresses of a little earlier for her when Mum was little (lets face it, she was a skinny, leggy little girl and those ever-so short 20s girls' dresses probably didn't suit her). She had a wide sash in every pastel colour imagineable and they were saved for me to wear at natural waist level on party dresses in the 50s/60s (much to my tomboy disgust!).
    Peggy Sue is a real girly girl and must love her new dress. Give both your charming little Shoenhut ladies a hug from me, please!
    Jenni xx

    1. Oh dear she does have to hand over both dresses...but never fear, I have made her one as well! Pictures tomorrow.

      I will have to see if I can find my wide ribbon is somewhere I know...trouble is I have a feeling if I try to find it, it could lead to other things!

      Betsy & Peggy Sue said thank you for the hugs and send hugs back.


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