Saturday, 19 July 2014

Peggy Sue visits the Garden of the Rose

What a lovely way to spend a warm & sunny afternoon, at the Gardens of the Rose.

Peggy Sue enjoyed wandering around the garden and admiring all the flowers.

She looked as pretty as a picture herself with the lovely dress that Elisa made her and a summer hat.

I love this photo in sepia as well.

Peggy Sue just loves the scent of the roses.

As well as their beauty.

Bright pinks

Interesting colour mixes

Time for a sit down.

A spot of posing!

And balancing!

Pretty as a picture

Probably picture overload, but she had such a lovely time in the gardens today.

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  1. Picture perfect - both the quantity of pictures and how Peggy Sue looks in her gorgeous outfit. The dress was just right for the outing. I love her little hat, too!
    Jenni x


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