Sunday, 19 April 2015

Wandering with Wren - Ashridge Estate to Ivanhoe Beacon

Wren took her new friend out for a wander on Friday...

They enjoyed a long hike round Ashridge Estate admiring the flowers, scenery and wildlife.

They walked from the monument to Ivanhoe Beacon and back - around 6 or so miles.

Mr No Name took note of the sign...but was curious as to weather they would see any 'unidentified objects'   but they didn't.

Wren tells him not to touch the gorse as it is prickly, but also that it grows to about four times the size in New Zealand where it is a real nuisance plant.

Looking over the hills...

they spied the chalk lion in the hills...

....a windmill in the distance...

...a hawk circling overhead...


This marks Ivanhoe Beacon...they were a tad disappointed it wasn't more impressive, and also that they couldn't brave the wind which was very strong up here.  Amazing views of the surrounding area.

The bluebells are almost out in bloom, so will be going back next week to see them.


  1. Beautiful photos! We are still waiting on flowers to pop, here but buds are starting to shoot though. Glad to see Wren and her little friend having such happy travels. :)

    1. Still lots of buds to pop here too , but won't be long now... Sadly I missed all our beautiful daffodils as I was away, but there are still lovely flowers to watch come into bloom.


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