Thursday, 9 April 2015

Wren on Orewa Beach, New Zealand. 5th March 2015

Wren's first visit to a beach was in New Zealand, and what could be better than the glorious Orewa Beach where I used to work many years ago.

The weather was just perfect, fabulous sunny day, blue sky and wonderfully warm.

Wren enjoyed walking and climbing along the rocks.

Nothing quite like exploring rock pools.

She had such a fun time.

The waves softly lapped on the shore.

A very enjoyable walk along the beach was had.  It was quiet, peaceful with hardly anyone on the beach.


  1. It looks blissful. Lucky Wren.

  2. Wow! Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. I just love the ocean...the beach looks so smooth! Lovely photos. :)


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