Saturday, 18 April 2015

Introducing the Makie Lad

Now when I said I had no will power the other day.....I meant it!  When I saw this lad on the Makies website, I knew he was asking to come home!  I do have a couple of boys designed, but this one was ready made and he called out to me, although hasn't revealed his name yet...he said he is waiting until he gets some 'decent duds' before he will tell me it.

His arrival box.

Just before he was released.

Saying hi!

Slightly apprehensive look...or a 'do I have to do the photo thing' look.

Found a pair of trainers that he likes better than the black shoes he arrived wearing.

Cool, a skateboard!  This meets with his approval.

Definitely a smile there!

He might be having a change of colour of eyes....


His eyes have been changed from brown to grey - although they look blue!

Sitting by the pond.

Found the New Zealand Rugby shirt and made him a pair of jeans.

Sweater fits well too.


  1. Replies
    1. The blue seemed a bit bright so I gave him grey eyes, which actually look blue in all the photographs...have added some more pictures to the blog post.

  2. Oh, what a cute little guy!!! I love his wig! He really came to life after you changed his eyes to grey, and he looks so happy and comfortable in his new duds and shoes!


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