Monday, 13 April 2015

Peggy Sue Down Under in New Zealand

So what do you think of Nan & Pop's place Peggy Sue?  Henry asks.

It is lovely, replies Peggy Sue.  So warm!

Do you want me to show you round?  Henry asks.

Yes please.  Peggy Sue answers enthusiastically.

This is the fish pond, although there aren't any fish in it at the moment.  Nor frogs unfortunately.  Pop doesn't know why.  Henry tells Peggy Sue.

The lily is pretty.  Peggy Sue says to Henry.

It is a good size.  Henry agrees.  Do you want me to show you some other things?  But you got to promise you won't be too scared.

Sacred?  Peggy Sue asks.  Why would I be scared?  It is like paradise here.

Well...  Henry says...

Can you see up there?  It is a cicada shell.  Which is from an insect which is making all that loud noise you can here.  Mum says that it masks the usual sound in her ears that she says sounds like cicadas.

Peggy Sue gasps a little as she looks up.

Look here it is on my hand.  Don't worry there is no insect in there now, this is just the shell.  Henry reassures her and explains.

Here have a closer look, he says as he holds it out towards Peggy Sue.

Peggy Sue is not at all sure, but tries to be brave...but then....

Look, this is a bush weta.  Henry shows Peggy Sue another insect he has on his hand.  It is much bigger than a cicada and has longer legs and a larger body.

Peggy Sue tries to stifle a looks quite a scary insect.

Honestly, there is nothing to worry about.  Henry tells her.

Look, it is just sitting here on  my hand.

Peggy Sue isn't convinced and Henry is a little puzzled as to why she can't quite share his love of insects.

It really won't hurt you.  Henry tells her.

Henry leaves her for a while to get over her shock and goes for a wander to see what else he could find.

Oh, another cicada shell!

Henry takes a closer look.

Hey Henry, what have you found.  Peggy Sue calls out as Henry looks around.

Another cicada shell.  Henry tells her.  Come and have a look.

Peggy Sue walks up the hill towards Henry.

She kneels down to have inspect Henry's find.

Oh yes I can see it,  she says.  

Not scary at all is it Peggy Sue?  Henry asks.

No, not really, and quite fascinating.  Peggy Sue agrees.

They have a look round to see if they can find a live one...

....they are successful and stand and watch it for a while making its chirping sound.


  1. I loved the precious story and wonderful pictures!!!

    1. Thank you for visiting, glad you enjoyed it :-)

  2. Very entertaining, nice story line, but I'm like Peggy Sue, not a bug lover at all & those ones do look scary up close.

    1. I think Peggy Sue was very brave! They were pretty big insects!

  3. Beautiful photos...Henry is adorable! (Even when he's holding the bug!)


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