Monday, 13 April 2015

New arrivals? A Makie for a friend.

So it seems I have an addictive personality, but hey what's new?  I think most of us in the doll collecting world do actually!  Or any sort of collecting for that matter.

So it all happened like this...

My friend in New Zealand fell in love with Wren and decided she would like a Makies doll.   I sent her some links to a couple on Amazon as they were cheaper than from the Makies website, although they were pre-made.  As it turns out she fell in love with one, but couldn't get Amazon to send to her, so asked if I would order her for delivery here and then post her on to her.  She duly arrived on Saturday... speedy next day delivery!

Here she is in her box, which being too big means she won't be travelling to New Zealand in it, but that is okay, we have a smaller more comfortable box for her to travel in.  Shame as this is a fun box.

Hi Mum, she waves, I will be on my way to you on Monday!

Cute face and great little hairdo, this little lady has been named Linnet by my friend after a little bird that she used to see in Guernsey where she used to live.

Linnet meets Wren.

Waving hello again.

Now Linnet wasn't too keen on her travelling clothes so asked for a knitted dress

How could I refuse?

I chose this fabulous colour that looks great on her - it is 100% NZ wool.

She shows off the two little buttons at the back.

Also made was a pair of matching underwear ;-)

Waving again - she sure likes to wave to her new Mum!


Oh hi there Wren, it is time for me to leave.  I am so glad your Mum made you a matching dress as well, as that way we can wear them on special occasions when we want to think of each other.  Linnet says to Wren.

Linnet gives Wren a little hug..

The two girls say their goodbyes and Linnet sets off for her adventure to live Down Under.

Trouble is once she arrived I fell in love with Makies all over again and wanted another little companion for Wren...and I thought I could do with just one!  How could I deprive Wren when she seemed so attached to her new little friend....well I couldn't.  So I decided to take advantage of the Special Edition Makies that were £20 cheaper than what they usually are, plus the free postage from Amazon.  Well she arrived today!

Here she is in her box.  Limited Edition Spring 2015 Rebecca.

I love that they are so easy to 'debox' just loosen the ribbon and viola, they are freed.

Her hair is a bit 'ragged' and a small chunk of hairs fell out when released from the band.

You can see it on the floor behind her.

This was a bit of a surprise, but I can't see any 'gaps' as of yet.

It is quite choppy round her face and under the back, especially her left side (right as we look at her) 

Wren welcomes her.  She is rather surprised to see another friend so soon.

Rebecca tells Wren that her name is really April and that she is actually a green eyed blonde, not brown eyed....easily fixed it seems!

Wren lent April one of her dresses for now.

Here she is.

You can see the short choppy bits at the side.  Not sure if the hair was meant to be like this or not.

She has cute little pixie ears that are it seems she will be wanting earrings at some stage in the near future!

Welcome April !


  1. So cute..I'm glad Wren has a new little friend! :)

    1. She is rather cute...I fear these little dolls may become addictive as well!


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