Sunday, 12 April 2015

Some dolls that came home with me from New Zealand

While I was in New Zealand my Mum gave me a doll.  I am not sure of the age, probably around the 70 or 80s.  It is made from hard plastic and has a crying mechanism - when the doll tips it makes a crying sound.  She is marked Estrela,, and she is Made in Brazil.  The number on the back of her head is 10712-33  M14.  If anyone out there knows anything about these dolls I would be very interested to know more.  She is not the usual sort of doll I would have, but the fact that my Mum gave her to me makes her very special.   She is wearing what looks to be like a young childs dress.  I will have to make her something that fits better.  I have given her my Mum's name, Pauline.

While I was away with my friend for a few days we stopped in at a 'garage' sale.  I found this little fellow which became our car's mascot for the journey.

A Steiff Peter Hedgehog (Mecki) 

My friend thought he was very ugly, but I think he is kind of cute!

Another doll find I had was a Lammily Doll complete in box at a country market day that is held once a month in my parents local village hall.

Here she is complete with her box.

Out in the garden.

I will try and do a full review of this doll at some stage.  Not sure if she will stay with me or head on to pastures new.  She is interesting.

Lastly, I picked up a $1 Bratz doll from an op shop with the thought I might try making her over after seeing these being done early in February before I left for NZ.  I had been looking in our local charity shops for a couple of months, but they don't ever seem to have any dolls in them any more, let alone these Bratz dolls.   On my return I see lots have been trying this out and jumping on the 'band wagon'.  I am sure mine will turn out a huge disaster, but a bit of fun and worth a laugh I am sure.

Here is the poor girl as she is at the moment.

They are pretty unusual dolls, not especially pretty with their garish make up and big lips and clod hoppy shoes.  I wonder how she will turn out....?


  1. I've never heard of Lammily - isn't she pretty! I love painted eyes. I look forward to your work on the Bratz doll. Their faces look painful, and I imagine they'll be much more relaxed and comfortable with a new expression. :-)

    1. She is quite pretty isn't she Lauri? She has a slightly strange body, but yes, more natural looking I think. As for my Bratz, who knows what she will end up looking like!

  2. Great finds! I'm not too sure about Lammily. I love the concept, though and I agree that she is really pretty. Bratz dolls are ...interesting. I'm also looking forward to see what you come up with!

    1. Not really sure what I think about Lammily either yet...but she was ultra cheap - couldn't quite believe the price - wouldn't find her here in the UK for that price so we will see if she stays or not.


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