Friday, 24 April 2015

Wandering with Wren - Bluebell Woods

Well it seems my Makies have a completely different opinion on blogging than me and say that they DO bring me JOY and actually they are seeing things in the light of day and with the amazing support and lovely comments yesterday Wren and Nelson have taken over as they wanted to share their enjoyment of a lovely walk through the bluebells in the woods today.  

I think there might be a bit of love in the air...

Very attentive to each other they are.

Thank you to you all who took the time to message me yesterday - it is nice to have encouragement  and to know that others are enjoying sharing my love of dolls of all kinds!  It was very much appreciated.

Have a good weekend.

I will spend some time really thinking over things like I said I will, but not rush into anything.  I think is probably okay to take a hiatus every now and again, especially after an emotional visit 'home'.


  1. Wren and Nelson have the right idea - I am glad they reminded you how much you enjoy them. lovely photos of them in the bluebells. Long distance travel to see beloved family is always bittersweet - partings are SO hard, big hugs.

    1. Indeed! Thanks for the big hugs :-)

  2. These photos are stunning! Almost magical. Nice to see the beautiful flowers in your neck of the woods. Bulbs are slowly coming up here, so your colorful flowers made my day. So glad to see the Makies back!

  3. Wren and Nelson certainly seem to enjoy themselves. And all those flowers...breathtakingly beautiful. What a sight.
    And a little break once in a while does everyone good. Blogging should be fun and not an obligation so do take your time...but I do hope to hear from you once in a while (or more often of course). ;)

    And I'm really looking forward to getting my first Makie 'Juniper' next week or so.

    1. Send me an email Linda (on my profile page I believe) and I can give you some links to the shoes :-)

      Glad you have taken the plunge and ordered Juniper!


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