Friday, 17 April 2015

My Bratz Make Over - Introducing Fern.

So it seems everyone is doing it... making over a Bratz (or other doll) and as mentioned in this post here  I found one in an op shop in New Zealand and home she came with me...

These dolls really are rather 'tarty' looking!

Removing the make up was not as easily as it looked in the You Tube video that I watched - in fact it was very messy and at first I thought I had ruined her face completely...eventually I managed to get most of it off, although I still feel it could have been 'cleaner'  but hey it was worth a go.  At first I really didn't like what I had done - but as I have had her sitting near me with her 'new face' she has started to appeal to me a little more.  She needs new 'feet' or footwear as the current ones are completely inappropriate for her new look.  So without an further ado I will introduce you to 'Fern'.

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  1. She look so sweet and happy now. I love the makeover! :)


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