Saturday, 9 May 2015

A Scooby Doo Vehicle!

Wren and Nelson spent some time vehicle hunting the other day in search of their own interpretation of a Scooby Van.... Wren, as Velma insisted it should be orange and of course she got her way.... 

Arriving home from collecting it - Wren aka Velma at the wheel.  They are very pleased with is the right era and the right size - perfect for the mission on hand.

A little work is required and some Scooby Doo stickers should do the trick in appropriate places...

Got to get that 'Barbie' sign covered!


  1. what a find, they're definitely getting into the part.

  2. Adorable! This made me smile. Wren and Nelson look so cute in their new 'Scooby' van and it's just the right size for them. Have fun fixing it up.

    Teresa F.

  3. It's a better size for Wren and Nelson than for Barbie. But Barbie furniture often seems too small for Barbie dolls.
    I remember this van but never had one. I did have a Barbie tent and camping stuff.
    And I do hope Jennifer doesn't see this or she might get ideas... ;)

  4. Oh man, this is unbelievably perfect. You must have some great charity shops around you. They really seem life-like inside this van.

    Yes, Scooby stickers over She-who-must-not-be-named......

    1. Actually we don't have very good charity shops near us! This came from Germany, a friend found it for me. :-) It really is just perfect though.

  5. How fun! Looks like there will be some great adventures to come.


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