Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Doll A Day Photo Challenge for June 2015

I thought I would follow my own doll a day photo challenge for June - the ones on Flickr tend to be just for BJD or Blythe and I like to use various dolls and toys for my challenges, plus I don't have any BJDs or Blythes!  Like those various groups I will  use the Photo-A-Day Challenge prompts from The Idea Room  The question I use one doll for the whole month which I have done before, or a different one each day?  Still trying to decide.


  1. Different dolls would be my choice. You have so many different dolls and they all deserve a bit of attention, don't they?
    I must admit I don't really understand how all these daily challenges work. Dry? Facial feature?
    But I'm not a photographer, so I guess that says it all. ;)

    1. Well I think the prompts are just to give you ideas....or at least that is how I am doing it. I am going to post 7 days photos at a time. I have used different dolls as well. Sometimes I just use one - like the series I did with Peggy Sue, Donkey, Monkey etc...


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