Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Muriel Makes - Lots of sewing.

I have been busy making little dresses for my 'Muriel Makes' shop.  They are currently listed on Facebook but I will be listing them later on my Etsy site when I have taken a few more 'bodice' photos to show the patterns better.

This one has little birds, flowers and butterflies on it.

Blue flowers and little butterflies.


Musical notes

Polka Dots

The next  three I made for my friend Jane in New Zealand for her Makie girl Linnet.


  1. Beautiful dresses, I think my favorite is the one with the little polka dots. Your photos of her standing in the flowers are gorgeous!

  2. I love the patterns on these fabrics - great choices!

  3. Lovely fabrics, beautiful dresses and such a sweet model!

  4. You have been busy.
    My favourites are the ones with the little flowers and / or butterflies. And also the dress with the bright coloured oval shapes. Well, actually they are all pretty and your model does a great job.


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