Friday, 29 May 2015

Meet Penelope Bluebell

During the entire special offer period of 25% off and free postage on the Makies website this blue haired girl kept staring at me....I resisted and resisted until the last day - and pretty much within the last couple of hours and then my resistance was no more and into my basket and through check out she went.

Of course one advantage of buying one of the 'Made for You' Makies is that you don't have to wait the two weeks for them to be printed and delivered, they arrive within a couple of days so by Wednesday she was here.

In her arrival box.

Saying a tentative hello...

Still a little unsure about saying hello...

She doesn't waste time in getting changed.

Within hours though and with a change of clothes, she revealed her name.

Penelope Bluebell!

Playing amongst the bluebells and fallen cherry tree petals.

I think this girl is going to be somewhat of a flower child.


  1. She's very cute...such a vibrant hair color, I love it! She looks great against the flowers.

    1. She is great, I love her fun hair.

  2. Another one??? * grin*
    And she has blue hair!!! I love blue (and purple). Definitely a flower girl and she looks great in that pretty dress.

    1. I know, I am simply terrible aren't I?! To think I was only going to have Wren.... no more hidden away though! Yes how could I resist the blue my defence I did try, honest! ;-)


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