Saturday, 23 May 2015

Some sewing and things...

Over the last week or so I have managed to get a little sewing done when I haven't been too sore.

I made this dress for a lady who has an Elizabeth doll.  (I was originally asked to make up a dress that had already been pre-cut out and sewn round the edges...but the fabric wasn't especially nice and the pattern not easy to follow - parts had been 'snipped' before being sewn, and there was also a piece missing.  I did the best I could but was not at all happy with the outcome as I didn't think it a true reflection of my work, so wanted to make her something I was happy with) 

I love the style of this dress, it fits so well and suits her beautifully.

I've made a couple of waistcoat/vests for the Makies.

I've tidied up one of the American Girls...I had thought I would sell some, but finding it very difficult to decide who should go and even if I CAN let anyone far it is a big resounding no.

This gorgeous girl is a Pleasant Company Molly.

I also have a new version Molly who seems a bit smaller than this one.  The same but different.

Such beautiful soft long hair.


  1. Lovely sewing - that new dress is a good style. It would also work without the collar. The little waistcoats are great.

    1. It is a lovely style, and yes would work equally well with or without the collar. The little waistcoats are fun!


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