Monday, 25 May 2015

And then there is another!

They say you can't have just one...whether that be chocolate, books, biscuits, crisps, dolls, or whatever your 'vice' or passion.  I know I am completely hopeless in my desire to initially just have one - it wasn't long before I fell of the 'Only One Makie' bandwagon as is evidenced by previous blog posts.  Of course when Makies lab announced their 25% discount AND free postage, well that was too good to turn away and Limited Edition Juniper hoped in my basket - at £36.75 it would have been silly for her not to have!  Hey lets face it, if I was the sort of person who had my nails done, wore makeup, went to the hairdressers regularly I would spend way more than that every couple of weeks and more than that on one nail session! 

So here she is in her arrival box - and this time instead of arriving with little black shoes, she came with a pair of red boots which will be fun.

Lid off the box, a simple case of undoing the ribbon and she is soon let free.

She immediately lets me know her name isn't Juniper but Alicia - not sure where that came from as it is not a name I have ever considered or thought about, but there you go.

She is going to be my wild child - I can see that already.  She is wearing a top made for my barbie doll in the early seventies. Her hair has been let out of its band and hopefully once settled down the wig cap won't be so obvious as it is in the other photos.  I don't like to see the wig caps.

She takes a bit of a wander outside.

I think I will have fun designing a wardrobe for this girl...

Meeting up with the others.

Wren is still a little bit unsure of April and her designs on Nelson....

Nelson is  being rather cosy and hoping to reassure Wren that she has nothing to worry about!


  1. She is cute isn't she? To me she (Juniper / Jennifer / Alicia) looks quite young. And the top looks great. She definitely needs some vibtant colours.
    Jennifer now has a black straight wig which makes her look even younger (to me at least). But I do like her original wig too.
    Well, poor Jennifer is just going to remain one lonely Makie girl over here. Unless they have another sale and do something about those shipping costs. Who knows...

    1. I agree, she needs vibrant colours for sure.

      Would love to see your girl with her new wig! The shipping for anyone not in the UK is a killer for sure. I had a girl sent here for my friend in NZ and posted her on - worked out a lot cheaper, although not cheap!

  2. don't you love that slippery slope! Your new girl is great fun.

    1. Oh yeah...and as you know that slippery slope was very slippery with such a good deal going on! ;-) Two more yet to introduce whom I showed you photos of.

  3. She's adorable!! I can see why you couldn't pass her up. I love her wild hair. I'm looking forward to her little adventures on the blog :)


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