Sunday, 10 May 2015

Wilhelm - Schildkrot Austrian Boy

The third boy in my 'Boy Series' is this 1950s Celluloid Schildkrot 'Austrian (?) lad.

He has the Turtle Mark on the back of his head and the number 29
He is 11 inches tall and comes in his complete Felt outfit, socks and shoes.


He goes by the name Wilhelm.  He is rather a sweet lad and in very good condition for his age, he makes a nice addition to my collection.


  1. My mother used to have a Schildkröt girl and the doll then came to live with me but her body was so brittle it broke in many, many pieces. She was held together by her clothing and I didn't realize what had happened until I wanted to move her. Don't think my mum would have been too pleased about that but it just happened. She had a very sweet face. Her head, arms and legs were still undamaged.

    1. Oh how sad, you must have been so upset! What a real shame. That can be a problem with these dolls can't it? Fortunately this lad seems to be okay.


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