Friday, 1 May 2015

Welcome Gladys Jean

We are pleased to welcome Gladys Jean into our Schoenhut Family, thanks to one of the Hitty Girls 'trading places' and a swap that took place.  Gladys Jean is a 14 inch tall Miss Dolly and is quite petite compared to her sisters.  Gladys Jean could be considered a waif...she has a wobbly head and came with no clothes or wig and has probably been repainted in parts at some stage.  Certainly her eyebrows don't quite appear original!  She has cute little carved teeth and a lovely sweet look though and has fitted in very well.

Peggy Sue welcomes her and reassures her she looks very pretty in the 'Prince Gregor' wig, which is the only wig to hand that fitted her.

She gives her a cuddle and tells her that the 'woodens' get much love in this household.

Gladys Jean has borrowed a dress until her dress is made.

Naturally when there is a newcomer to Rose Cottage it doesn't take long before some clothes are made for them, and sweet Gladys Jean only had to wait a few days.

She has her own dress (similar to one made for Peggy Sue last summer)

She is now just awaiting some shoes..


  1. What a cutie! That Peggy Sue is a good egg, welcoming her new friend to the cottage. :) The dress is adorable! I love the pink gingham fabric..perfect!

    1. Peggy Sue is always good at making someone feel welcome.

      Funny thing is once I made the dress I realised I had made a very similar one for Peggy Sue last year! I will have to put it on her and take a photo of them together.

  2. is she going to keep the Gregor wig or have another wig in due course? She does look good with short hair and could get away with being a boy. Hooray for Peggy Sue being welcoming (of course).

    1. I'm hoping to get a wig for her at some stage, but she doesn't look too bad in this wig and I think several people have used the same wig in the past for girls.... I would rather get one that is more authentic for her though.

  3. I like her with the short wig. It looks cute and doesn't make her look like a boy in my opinion. It makes her look sweet and innocent. But then I'm one of those rare people who don't go for long (doll) hair... And Peggy Sue is a really nice little girl making Gladys Jean feel welcome. After all it's not easy to be 'new'. :)


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