Monday, 18 May 2015

Fred arrived - the gang are almost complete!

As mentioned in a previous was all my husband's fault!  At least that is what I am saying anyway.  It all started with a chance comment of course and one thing led to another, so of course Fred had to be ordered as after all the Scooby Gang isn't complete without him.  Friday morning, just before I set off for the Sasha Celebration Weekend, there was a knock on the door....

Yes a familiar looking packaged delivered by DHL

A Makie tube inside!

Fred has arrived.

Plus some assorted shoes and in the white bag a wig for April - aka Daphne.

I am pretty pleased with how he turned out.  

I spent ages agonizing over his features trying to get them 'Fred' like.

I don't think I did too badly within the confines of the Makie maker.

Today I made his outfit.

Ta da!  Meet Fred (Herman) Jones.

The Scooby Gang are almost complete!

Nelson as Shaggy, Wren as Velma, Fred as himself and April as Daphne.

They are just awaiting on Scooby Doo....who appears to be missing!

On another note....

It appears Wren smuggled herself into the Sasha Weekend disguised as Velma and got up to some high jinks!


  1. No idea what Fred is supposed to look like but it's pretty cool you can design your own Makie. Fred does look really different than Nelson so there are quite a number of options. Your makie family is growing rapidly! Looking forward to meet your Scooby Doo.
    And I'm not sure that Sacha girl was very happy when Wren stole the show and climbed on top of her. I think Wren is going to love walking on the red carpet when the film is finished...quite an outgoing personality... ;)

    1. If you google Fred Scooby Doo, you will be able to see the 'real' Fred cartoon pictures.

      I don't think Sasha was very happy either! Wren certainly stole the show and was very popular.

    2. You're right, Google fixes everything. I think you've done a great job creating Fred.
      Now I really wonder how you're getting an 'actor' to play Scooby Doo? ;)

    3. Scooby Doo is proving more problematic!

  2. Fred looks amazing! I love that you have they all as Scooby Doo creative! His outfit is perfect. Cute photos :)

    1. Thank you - it has been fun and I am looking forward to having some time to do some stories.


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