Sunday, 25 November 2012

A new cardigan and a comparison photo

This morning I finished the cardigan I have been making for Anne-Marie.  I used a chunky wool and instead of the hood, I knitted a collar.

I thought she needed a cardigan that would go with all sorts of colours.

I wasn't really sure how the collar would work out as only have the pattern for the hood, but was quite pleased with my attempt at improvisation!

As promised yesterday I have taken a comparison photo of Anne-Marie and the new little girl standing together.  I must also take one of her with Sasha.

As you can see quite a difference indeed!

I adjusted the shadows and highlights in this photo.


  1. Lovely cardigan for Anne-Marie! I agree something that goes with everything is always nice to have.

    WOW! I knew there would be differences between your two Schoenhuts, but I didn't visualize it as much as your photo shows! That is a big difference! They make adorable sisters. :o)

    Does your new little one have a name yet?

  2. Such a Beautiful Cardigan - Love your Schoenhuts so Much!


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