Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Christmas Dress

I cut out several Christmas dresses today and some Christmas trousers, ready to take to Quilting group tomorrow to sew.  I should of course be finishing my quilts, but they are on hold until I can afford some backing fabric.  

I was delighted to discover that the Christmas dresses that I made last year for some of my Sasha girls fit Peggy Sue perfectly.  I do like to be able to use clothes for multiple dolls, it does make things a lot easier sometimes.

Here she is waving to Rosey and Sally, having heard all about them from Anne-Marie.  

Don't forget to say hello to Mabel as well, calls Anne-Marie.  I don't think she has a blog.

She looks very sweet in her dress.  

Unfortunately I knocked the paint bubbles on her face the other day and the paint has flaked off - it wasn't a particularly good face repaint, although I do like her eyes.

Of course what to do now with the 'scars' is the question.  Do I strip her face completely and start again, or try to patch it up?  Not that this will be done before Christmas - not a chance!


  1. I am starting to plan my Christmas displays with the dolls and they always need more clothes! This is adorable on Peggy Sue.

    Kiki wants to wave back, too!


    1. Hello Kiki! Waves Peggy Sue, I will tell Chrissy you are waving hello!

  2. She looks adorable in her Christmas dress! That's a shame about the paint, but she is still just as beautiful as ever. I love her eyes too!

  3. I Love the name Peggy Sue for her - Gosh, little love wounds are just what does happen to truly beloved dolls. I can't even count how many buildings, decks, monuments, trees etc that TiGGy has fallen out of. She did smash her knee pretty badly falling off a pedestal outside the National Cathedral and that did require surgery, and I had to do home surgery to reinforce her little fairy ear after she got blown down atop my car - Man, I felt stupid about that one, and totally shaken up too!

    But in antique dolls to me, every single little love mark denotes a doll that has been truly loved and lived with. I worry all the time about chips, breaks, losing her. But in the end, its letting them truly live and be part and animate our lives thats so important, so to me the chips are beautiful, and show that Peggy Sue lives a full and beloved life.

    My little Miss Dolly has a Ginormous gash across her nose, and I wouldn't dream of having it fixed, now you are inspiring me to take more pictures of her, because I just do love her how she is - even with the pencil mark eyelashes I gave her - WHAT WAS I THINKING???!!!! OK, I was new to dolls LOL!

    1. Oh please do take some more pictures of her, would love to see them. Tiggy sounds like she has had rather a few adventures like Henry has (on my Sewing for Sasha blog) He has fallen from various places!


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