Friday, 30 November 2012

A set of drawers

Anne-Marie & Peggy Sue were lucky enough to get a 'new' set of drawers which I discovered in a charity shop in good condition.  The perfect size for them.  Flora is also admiring it beside Peggy Sue.

Looks like those cheeky monkeys are up to mischief as well!


  1. Nice find! It's the perfect size!

    And I just have to say this...I love Peggy Sue's wig the way it flips up on the ends. :o)

  2. Oh Man, that new blue cardigan and all of them together is sooo sweet!

    I just saw you asking on another blog for help with Peggy Sue's paint flecks and realized I do know exactly who can help you - Jenny at

    She does Amazing restorations, and can also help advise you as well if you like

    HuGs to You and Peggy Sue!


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