Monday, 26 November 2012

To Make Lists...

Figured out what was wrong and sorted it.  Using the Catalogue Card Generator I made some lists.

So here are my two lists, no deadline, just things I want to make for my Schoenhut girls in between my Sasha Sweater Winter Project and other things I have to do.

I have already made Anne-Marie quite a few things, so thought I ought to focus on some things she really needs.  I really wasn't happy with the Blue Velvet Winter coat I made her, so I am going to either take it apart and re-sew it, or make another, hopefully one which will fit and hang better this time.

I seem to be favouring the name Peggy Sue at the moment for the new girl, whether it will stay or not I am not sure, but thought I would use that as her name in the mean time on her card..  

Her list of course is much longer as I haven't made anything for her yet. I realise looking at these two lists that I haven't included pillows and pillow cases for the bedding, so mustn't forget those!

These lists may get revamped as I think about things, but give me some guidance as to what to focus on for a change.  

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  1. Very neat! I love the cards you made for them. And I think Peggy Sue is a cute name for your new girl.

    I may do something similar after the holidays. Right now I have too much on my plate to think about it.


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