Saturday, 3 November 2012

Knitting & A Room for Anne-Marie

While I was down the road the other day I saw that the shop where I sometimes buy my wool had some new colours in.  At £1.49 a ball how could I refuse these three wonderful colours?

So last night I started a cardigan for Anne-Marie  - I was going to do a variety of colours but changed my mind and decided on just pink to start with.

The wool is a chunky so I am using my regular pattern by Debonair Designs with larger needles, so hoping it will fit.

This morning I have been sewing, making a couple of dresses for the Hitty girls.  Once that was finished I helped Anne-Marie set up her shelving unit I have had sitting outside on the front porch for several months now.  It was given to me by a friend and I wasn't sure what to do with it until now.

That is looking lovely Annie, but first we have to put down a 'carpet'.

Rearranging my desk area I cleared it to make Anne-Marie a corner.  Using some upholstery fabric I was given last week, we laid a 'carpet'.

Where are Chester & Chips?

Getting up to mischief no doubt!

A closer view of the shelves.

Now I can watch Anne-Marie while I work at my computer.

Of course, clearing this area I have made more mess elsewhere so better get on with clearing that!


  1. Wow! Anne-Marie's room looks great! What a wonderful little bookshelf and chair too! She already has quite a collection of fun toys & books. And a pram too!

    What a very blessed little girl to have a Mum like you. I keep going back to look at the photos. Sally is waving at Anne-Marie and I think she is a wee bit envious. LOL!

  2. Anne-Marie has claimed one of the Sasha prams for her own. Now they have one each which seems fair, and this suits Anne-Marie better. I tried to fit the table in as well but it is too big.


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