Saturday, 10 November 2012

Sweater for Chrissy & Outfits for Baby Face Girls

I finished the striped jumper last night and it fits and suits Chrissy brilliantly.  I also made a matching hat.

I'm seriously thinking about downsizing my American Girl dolls as I really only have eyes for Chrissy and it seems a shame the others don't get enjoyed in the same way.  A hard decision to make as I do like them all, but it seems I very definitely have a favourite who gets all the attention.

My two little girls Sandie & Suzie in their delightful outfits sent to them from Bama.

Don't they look cute?

Such fun!

Thank you so much Bama, I love the outfits so much as do the girls.

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  1. I love your Chrissy too. And I understand about downsizing to the most loved/enjoyed dolls.

    You are most welcome for the outfits.
    Your girls look adorable in them. :o)


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