Friday, 23 November 2012

So it is Friday

Once I have finished working on my Sasha Secret Santa Swap gifts, which will hopefully be this weekend, I am hoping to work on some outfits for Anne-Marie.  First I need to work out what she has so far and what she needs, as my dressmaking for her has been random at best with no planning or much thought at all!  I am currently working on a list and hope to refine it.  

I sold one of my lovely Gotz dolls the other day, she has gone to live in Scotland.  I am hoping to advertise some more dolls and other things this weekend to make the most of Evilbay's free listing weekend.  I prefer to sell privately from my blog to avoid the fees, plus it means I can sell them at a slightly lower price, but of course don't get the same coverage as I would on Evilbay.  Still I am making progress slowly, although have to confess to slipping up the other day...oops!  Today Anne-Marie welcomed home a younger sister.  Now I had no intention of getting another Schoenhut as Anne-Marie really is rather special, however due to her larger size of 21 inches, she will not be so easy to travel with, and I do like to be able to take a doll places with me and whilst Henry usually fulfils that role, sometimes I would like to have a little girl doll with me, so I am hoping this new girl, might be the one.  Time will tell.  Certainly the price was good, and better still no custom charges! She is much smaller than Anne-Maire - I will have to do a comparison photograph tomorrow, and is also much lighter.  She fits the larger size Sasha dresses I have so was able to wear this dress that I made some time ago. Of course she will also need warmer clothes for winter.

Her arms are a little loose at the shoulders, I am not sure if this can be remedied or not, but otherwise all her joints work well.  She looks like she has been repainted at some stage and I may well strip her back to wood, I am not sure on this yet as I need to get to know her first.

I don't think her eyes have been repainted though.

I finished another cardigan/jacket the other night which was going to be part of a swap gift, but I realised half way through that I'd done the button holes on the wrong side, so would have to keep it and make another.  Fortunately it fits this little girl, so she has something to keep her warm.

Oh dear, a most unflattering photo, looks like she has a double chin!

Now to think of a name for her.

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  1. Oh my! Congrats on adopting another sweet girl! She is adorable! Anne-Marie will love having a little sister. She looks really nice in the photos. Her eyes & eyebrows look original. She looks so good in the photos that I can't see anything wrong with her painting.
    Do you think her wig is original? How tall is she?
    I can't wait to find out her name. She looks like a "Ruthie" to me. But I'm sure she will whisper her name to you soon enough.
    Sally will be thrilled to have another cousin. :o)


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