Thursday, 1 November 2012

Where IS my parasol?

Esmeralda was searching frantically through the hat box.  Hats were being tossed here, there and everywhere.

Just what are you doing?  Divinia asks (having informed me last night that her name WASN'T Demelza as there was no way SHE was going to be named after a chicken even if Esmeralda was.

Oh I am looking for my parasol.  It must be somewhere.  I just have to have it, otherwise I just couldn't go out.

I really think you need to calm yourself down and not get so worked up.  You will only get into more of a muddle throwing things around like that.  It is rather undignified.

Undignified?!  Well what do you think going out without my parasol is going to be, if not Undignified?  Esmeralda exclaims.

Oh dear, Divinia sighs...Just calm yourself down and I will find it for you.

There you go my dear, here it is.  

Divinia hands Esmeralda her parasol.

Oh you are just super my dearest sister.  Esmeralda gives Divinia a big hug.

With her hat on and her parasol, things are just right for going for a stroll.

And for those who are interested,  the sisters each have a pair of black 'high heel' shoes on.


  1. LOL! Very cute story! I like how Divinia decided on her own name. It suits her.
    What very classy ladies these two are. :o)

  2. Absolutely adorable! I love these ladies, they are so full of personality and with shoes like that, they will certainly go far!


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