Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Panda Quads arrive in Bramble Downs Common

Now we all know Pandas don't exist in the English countryside, so what do we have here?

Connery's wife Sandra had heard that there were some orphaned Pandas needing fostering until they could be reunited with their families in China.  Of course knowing how good Howard and Heather were with children and having heard that they have fostered before, she thought they would be just the right family to take on the Panda Quads.

They are of course delighted to be able to foster them and Howard looks on in concern hoping that they will settle in well at Bramble Downs Common as it will be quite a culture shock for them.  Fortunately though they are young and resilient, and the other children Hazel, Harry, Herbie and Hilda will make them feel very welcome.

Sandra returns home to Connery to tell him all about the successful foster placement.

Howard and Heather welcome the Panda quads, Petal, Petunia, Poppy and Primrose.

I wonder what Frida Frog will think when she sees the new members of the Hedgehog Family?


  1. Bramble Downs Common continues to grow by the day...I love the Panda Quads' names!

    1. It is funny I have had these little Pandas sitting in their little plastic bags for probably over a year now. I spotted them in a 10p basket at the charity shop and loving Pandas thought I would get them. Only now do they have somewhere to go!


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