Monday, 21 January 2013

River boat has arrived

More work is continuing on Bramble Downs Common.

My younger son, reckons it is 'totally insane!' as apparently all these different animals couldn't possibly live together...what does he know?!

The Otter family were thrilled that their river boat arrived today.  It will require some work as it has come to them second hand, but this doesn't bother them in the slightest.

They are just thrilled to be back on the water.    Little Brooke has been hanging out the washing.  Mother Olive has spied a friend on the river bank...

Frida Frog arrived on Saturday and is looking to life in Bramble Downs.  She is also going to be frog advisor to Rory, especially now he has his frog pond up and running.

The little Cavy family have moved into their new house and are looking forward to equipping it with all they need to make their house a home.

Things are looking good at Bramble Downs Common


  1. I love your river boat and Bramble Downs Common in general. Can't wait to see more. Also, you can remind your son of "Wind in the Willows", "Redwall" or Beatrix Potters' works. You are following in the footsteps of some of the greatest works in children's literature. (My kids like to laugh at my doll doings too.) Linda S. from Canada.

    1. Thank you Linda :-) I have of course reminded my son of that, but he is stubborn!

  2. Oh Lorraine, I love how everything is coming together! Frida Frog has an important job and Little Brooke reminds me of my Brooke, who does all our laundry! :-)
    Your riverboat is quite nice, too! And then there are the Cavies...they are too cute! Wonderful~~

  3. Love, love the river boat.


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